Community Partners
This year, our school is establishing a cheerleading squad.  The squad is comprised of a highly energized, spirited group of students who support the school by promoting school spirit among the students and faculty. Additionally, squad members will serve as academic models for fellow students, and will participate in a variety of positive community events.
In order to make this exciting activity available to our students, our cheerleading squad is looking for financial assistance through community partners from local businesses and family members within the community. Our team is in dire need of money to pay for safety equipment this year.
There are many different levels of support and any amount is appreciated. Badger Springs Cheerleading offers a variety of advertising opportunities. Please be aware Badger Springs Cheerleading is a non-profit organization, so sponsors may write off the sponsorship as a charitable donation.

2012-2013 Community Sponsors
*Gilberto's Steam Cleaning