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Badger Springs Middle School



Interested in becoming an AVID student for next year?

AVID is currently recruiting 6th and 7th grade students for next school year. What is AVID, you may ask? Read to find out...
The AVID tutors (college students) will be recruiting this week at lunch so look for them to ask questions/ speak about AVID.

What is AVID?

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. This means that you, the student, want to do something with your life. You want to succeed, and attend college. You may not know exactly how to do it. AVID is the program that will help you discover what you can do. It is a commitment to yourself. It is a desire.

AVID offers specialized lessons that are intended to help you boost test scores, increase your critical thinking skills, and give you, the student, a greater opportunity for success. We do all these things by:
  • Organizational Skills
  • Providing college tutors during the AVID exploratory class
  • Visiting college campuses
  • Inviting guest speakers from the community to visit
  • Providing after school workshops
  • Providing a group of teachers who are dedicated to helping students succeed by working together.

How do you enroll in AVID?
  • You must complete the attached application (with parent signature and recommending teacher signature).
  • Write an essay.
  • Be interviewed.

Please turn in your applications to the front office.