Career Clubs
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Badger Springs has 12 Career Clubs for students to participate in during Friday lunches.
Each club has a student President, Vice President, and Recorder who arrange for community professionals to come and speak at the monthly clubs and/or create activities for the group.
During the months of September, October, November, February, March, and April, Badger Springs students can learn and meet professionals in the following different careers:
ACDC:  Architecture, Construction, Design, and Computer Drafting
BIBS: Business, Investment, Banking, Selling, Retail, and Real Estate
CHART: Chef, Hospitality, Airlines, Resturant, Travel, and Nutritionist
CREWS: Counseling, Religious Vocations, Education, Writing, and Sociology
DREAMS: Drama, Radio, Entertainment, Acting, Music, and Sports
FEBAJ: Fashion, Esthetics, Beauty, Art, and Jewelry
FEFFA: Forestry, Environment, Farming, Fishing, and Animal care
FROMP: Fire, Rescue,O Military, Police, Coast Guard, CIA, and Secret Services
GETMS: Geology, Engineering, Technology, Mechanics, Space, and Construction
GLUFY: Goverment, Law, United Nations, FBI Youth Probation
MAGIC:  Magic Tricks
MEDS: Medical, EMT, Dental, Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, X-ray, and Chiropractic
Check out the Events Calendar for Career Club dates.