Science Fair 2013
Congratulations to the students who entered the Science Fair. 

The eleven finalists who will represent Badger Springs at the District Fair on Wednesday, February 20th are:

Maggie B. and Elizabeth V. "Which Fruits Ruin Gelatin Desserts?" 

Courtney B. and Heaven H. "Splatter Coaster" 

Bibiana C. "Where's Waldo?" 

Mireya C. "Rubik's Cube" 

Yasser G. "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" 

Serah H. "5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off" 

Cole H. "Elastic Power" 

Janessa L. "Mud Battery Amplifier" 

Francisco V. "Lemon and Vinegar Life Savers"
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Science Fair 2013
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